Beyond Bulls & Bears

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QE, Parallel Universes and the Problem With Economic Growth

While monetary weapons can be a good first step to remedying an economic crisis, they are clearly not enough on a standalone basis to return an economy to stability and growth. Monetary medicine cannot heal fiscal ailments in the areas of budgeting, regulation, taxation and related policies.

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Rising US Dollar a Mixed Bag for World’s Currencies

I don’t think the British pound will be quite as badly impacted by the dollar strengthening because the United Kingdom, like the United States, is in a better economic state than some other countries. It wouldn’t surprise me to see the pound hold up better than the euro against the dollar.

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Global Economic Perspective: October

European leaders seem to be engaged in an increasingly shrill debate about the relative merits of short-term austerity aimed at medium-term gain versus the need to allow more fiscal slack in the short term to boost demand.

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A Treasury Market Disconnect

Our view is that if US economic growth does in fact continue at a more robust pace, and we see continued declines in the US unemployment rate, there’s a possibility we could see the Fed act even sooner than the market currently expects.

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The Eurozone Plots Its Long Road to Recovery

So far, the prescriptive actions taken by the European Central Bank (ECB) have been helpful, in my view, even if their execution was a bit underwhelming.

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Rethinking Core Fixed Income

In our view, the United States has likely passed the inflection point in interest rates and may be in the early stages of the normalization period in monetary policy.