Beyond Bulls & Bears

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Federal Reserve Kicks the Can on Interest Rates

We were a little disappointed the Fed didn’t take action, primarily because we think the longer the Fed stays on hold the longer we will have uncertainty in the marketplace.

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Saudi Arabia’s Long-Term Fundamentals: Looking Beyond Oil-Price Volatility

Now that Saudi Arabia has become the last G20 country to open its stock market to foreign investors—albeit with restrictions—global investors have access to what we view as one of the more attractive long-term investment stories in the emerging world and an essential gateway to the biggest economy in the Middle East.

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I Know What You Missed This Summer

Volatility doesn’t necessarily mean bad news for active investors; on the contrary, we believe it opens up doors for those brave enough to take positions on in a longer term view.

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Global Economic Perspective: September

While the [US] Fed is facing an extremely delicate task ... it is still our belief that the US economy remains sufficiently strong to be able to bear a gradual increase in short-term rates in the coming months.

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Finding Value in Volatility

As the US Federal Reserve Board attempts to begin raising rates, we see a potential catalyst for a value recovery over our long-term investment horizon.

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Risk Factor Investing: It’s Not All About The Upside

We recognize that very few risk assets—even those considered to be 'safe assets'—are not without their challenges. Most face some kind of headwind.

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Rising Rates and the Case for Leveraged Loans

For certain investors—in particular pension funds and insurance companies that tend to follow a more cautious investment strategy—the extended period of record or near-record low US interest rates has been a thorn in the side.