Beyond Bulls & Bears

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Oil’s Well That Ends Well?

With the modest-at-best global economic recovery after the still front-of-mind global financial crisis trauma from 2008-2009 … markets are understandably preoccupied with the scope for unpleasant shocks.

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Will Market Volatility Put US Rate Rises on Hold—for Now?

In all likelihood, the Fed will probably hold fire on interest rates until markets calm down for a period of time.

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On January Barometers and Market Bargains

We are now witnessing historic extremes in the discount afforded to value relative to growth, quality and safety. While this environment has been (and may remain) painful for some time, the eventual normalization of these extremes represents the most compelling opportunities in equity markets today.

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Global Economic Perspective: January

Though the rest of the world may not be doing as well as the United States, we think global growth remains acceptable and do not anticipate a global recession or global deflation.

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Why We’re Not Panicking about China

On the whole, our view remains that underlying conditions in the Chinese economy are fundamentally more stable than markets have recently indicated.

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Will Equities See a Sweeter ’16 Ahead?

Global financial markets still face numerous risks, but the drivers of corporate profitability appear to us to be sustainable in the current business and economic environment.