Beyond Bulls & Bears

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Three Things Markets Have Shown Us Since the Brexit Vote

I think there’s good reason to believe that, given time, markets will get through this period of uncertainty and volatility. It may take some years, but through that, UK companies should still be trading with Europe and it should be, to some extent, business as usual.

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Fixed Income

What Next for Europe and the UK as an Italian Referendum Looms?

We think government stability, a weaker currency and accommodative central bank should help minimise the economic repercussions of Brexit.

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Emerging Markets

Emerging Markets: Mapping the Opportunities

Perhaps the most important step that emerging markets have taken to reduce their vulnerability to financial crises is the remarkable deepening of domestic financial markets over the past decade. In many countries, the development of a reliable domestic investor base has benefited from the rise of a broad middle class.

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Global Economic Perspective: July

In terms of monetary policy, we had expected the BOE to move into easing mode, though it chose not to do so at its July meeting, but we think the ECB will try to gauge the impact of the UK result, rather than rush to expand or extend its current program of bond purchases.

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What an (Economic) Drag It Is Getting Old

The world is getting older (much older in some geographies), and to us this is without question becoming a meaningful drag on economic growth—one that will likely persist into the future.